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A journey is not always predestined although a goal is vaguely in the mind. Such was the case when Family Teri Meri was established in the year 2003 and is now become one of the most ideal shops for healthy nuts, offers the various variety of nuts and spices from around the world. With 15 years’ experience, we leverage we hold a tight grasp to provide best nuts from all over the world.

We operate as India’s leading organised set-up in the branded foodstuff category. We encourage healthy living not only for health enthusiasts and but also among those who want to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Mohit Goel

Mohit Goel has earned all the big success and fame with his hard work and business acumen only. While he launched the world’s cheapest smart phone in 2016, named Freedom 251, he became the most talked about person around the country. The overall idea of bringing the best and cheapest Smartphone in the world turned out to be a blockbuster as the company received more than 7 million bookings right within its first few days of its launch.

Mohit Goel founded the firm name “Ringing Bell Pvt. Limited” along with his wife Dhaarna, who acted as the CEO of the company whilst he worked as the director of the firm. Mohit hails from the garhipukhta village in shamli district Uttar Pradesh and he got his primary and secondary education form the famous RC convent school only. Ever since his childhood, Mohit Goel wanted to be a business man and he realized his dream right after finishing his MBA from the famous Amity University Noida. Whilst been a movie buff, Mohit goel loves to make new friends and all of his friends and clients appreciate his friendly nature alongside. He also love spending time with kids and playing a game of cricket in his spare time.

Mohit Kumar Goel always believes in keeping a balance between his world life and personal life and this is where he has came forward as an idol to everyone who is struggling to cope up between their professional world and family alongside.

In the year 2003, he started a firm named familyterimeri.com which was indulged in being the best dry fruit provider, whole seller, distributor, exporter, and importer of Dry fruits, walnuts, and spices all around the world. For Mohit Goel Latest News

Mohit Goel
Mohit Goel Latest News Mohit Goel Freedom Mohit Goel Mohit Goel Mohit Goel Mohit Goel